Lee Ryan thinks Joey Essex fakes being dumb

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 12 March 2015
Simon Webbe with his Blue bandmates

Lee Ryan with his Blue bandmates Simon Webbe, Duncan James and Antony Costa

Lee Ryan has revealed he thinks Joey Essex has made a career out of pretending to be stupid but admits he wishes more celebrities would take themselves less seriously these days,

Lee Ryan thinks Joey Essex fakes being stupid.

The Blue singer claims the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star is nowhere near as unintelligent as he comes across on television and believes he's simply putting on an act for the sake of entertainment.

Speaking about him and his bandmates - Simon Webbe, Antony Costa and Duncan James - being tricked by TV producers on their ITV2 show 'Blue Go Mad In Ibiza', he told BANG Showbiz: "I think if we did go into that show thinking we were going to come off trying to be cool [we'd have been upset] ... It's the entertainment game.

"You meet people like Joey Essex, he plays it so well. That guy's not stupid, he plays it like he's stupid because it's entertaining and people go, 'No, he is stupid'. And it's like, 'He isn't, he's far from it'."

The 31-year-old star - who appeared on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in 2014 - went on to admit, however, that he thinks most people in the entertainment industry take themselves too seriously these days.

He explained: "At the end of the day we're in the entertainment industry and the one thing that I think sometimes has been a bit lost from this industry from when we first started out is that some people really don't want to let their guard down and don't want to play the fool."

Blue's new album 'Colours' is available now.

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