Katie Hopkins' warning for Danny Dyer's partner: He'll 'break your heart'

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  • 10 March 2015
Katie Hopkins leaving Loose Women

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins thinks 'EastEnders' star Danny Dyer will break his partner Joanne Mas' heart

Katie Hopkins thinks Danny Dyer will break his partner's heart.

The outspoken columnist launched a scathing attack on the 'EastEnders' star and his soon-to-be wife Joanne Mas, insisting she was "crazy" to take him back after claims he had been unfaithful.

She said: "I think Joanne's crazy. Taking back a man after he's cheated on you is like letting a grizzly bear into your bed. It will always tear your heart to pieces in the end.

"When you take back a cheater, you accept the constant nagging doubt: where is he, who is he with and will he come home smelling of someone else?"

Katie also repeated her criticisms of the couple's upcoming nuptials, after it was revealed Joanne proposed to her partner of nearly 20 years - with whom she has three children, Sunnie, Arty and Danni - last month, questioning the stability of their relationship.

Writing in her Now! magazine column, she said: "[Joanne] deserves better. If they ever make it up the aisle, and that's a big if, I give it a year."

But Danny, 37, didn't take the comments lying down as he blasted the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' contestant in a series of tweets, once again comparing the outspoken star to 'Steptoe and Son' actor Wilfred Bramble.

Captioning a photograph of Katie and her three children, he wrote: "So Wilfred is off again..now this is what a Disney channel family would like if we lived in hell..which ones Harold.? (sic)"

Before adding: "Your love for publicity is almost as ugly as you @KTHopkins I knew you wore a syrup...time to put Steptoe down #filth...

"Last one.....as I'm in a jolly good mood.....imagine if a tampon was to have a face......@KTHopkins happy Tuesday. ;) (sic)"

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