Eddie Redmayne has 'heavy bones'

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  • 10 March 2015
Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne

'Les Misérables' star Hugh Jackman says Eddie Redmayne has "heavy bones" and has revealed he struggled to lift him while making the 2012 film

Eddie Redmayne has "heavy bones".

Hugh Jackman, the 46-year-old Australian actor who starred alongside the Oscar-winning Brit in the 2012 hit film 'Les Misérables', has revealed that despite being able to dead lift 400lb, he found carrying his co-star in some scenes to almost be beyond him.

Hugh - who played the part of Jean Valjean in the historical drama movie - told The Sun newspaper: "Carrying Eddie Redmayne was tough. He's slim but he must have heavy bones."

Meanwhile, Eddie has been lined up to play the role of Lili Elbe - one of the first men to have surgery to become a woman in 1930 - in 'The Danish Girl', and is reportedly trying to lose two stone for the part.

A source shared: "He's on a strict diet and has been noticeably thinner.

"He kept it under wraps during his promotional duties and Oscar campaign.

"But back in the UK, he'll be working fast to shift the rest of the weight."

What's more, Eddie has been learning more about the transgender community in order to give a more accurate portrayal of the character.

The sourced added: "Eddie is also working with a transgender group. He wants to embody the character."

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