UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry announced

UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry announced

Ladies and gentlemen, we present our lamb for Euro slaughter 2015

The UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry was announced on Saturday night with all the pomp and ceremony of an MP leaving his briefcase in the back of a cab.

Electro Velvet, comprising singers Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas, will pray for at least 'un point' with 'Still in Love With You', a cheesy (natch) confusion of swing, electronica and scat singing.

Part-time teacher Larke currently sings for tribute act The Rollin' Clones, while Nicholas last year failed to progress beyond the blind audition round of The Voice. Co-writer David Mindel has forged a career writing catchy jingles, including the theme tune for Jim'll Fix It.

Reactions have been predictably harsh with The Guardian describing it as 'nightmarish (and unnecessarily long)'. Larke defended the song to the BBC, saying 'I like the fact it divides opinion. It's better than everyone having apathy for it.'

We'll find out what the rest of Europe thinks of 'Still in Love With You' on 23 May.

In the meantime, if you have 2 mins and 53 secs you don't feel particularly precious about, watch the video below:

Electro Velvet - 'Still In Love With You'

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