Ruth Wilson believes The Affair too raunchy for UK

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  • 9 March 2015
Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson

Ruth Wilson believes 'The Affair' might be too raunchy for British audiences, despite the Golden Globe winning show being such a hit in the US

Ruth Wilson believes 'The Affair' is too raunchy for British TV.

The actress won a Golden Globe award for her performance as Alison Bailey in the first series of the drama, and although it has proved to be a hit on Showtime in the US, she suspects the many sexual scenes may be holding it back from audiences in the UK.

When asked why it hasn't been picked up by a British channel, she said: "I've no idea. Maybe sexual content? I don't know, it's not that bad."

However, the 33-year-old Brit - who stars opposite Dominic West in the programme - is slightly relieved it hasn't been broadcast in her home nation, because she isn't too keen on her friends and family watching her risqué scenes, despite the show's success.

She continued: "In some ways, I'm quite happy [it hasn't been shown] because it means that my friends and family don't have to watch me doing sex scenes. But it's got two Brits in the leads, it's won two Golden Globes, so I don't really understand."

Nevertheless, the star - who previously featured in British crime drama 'Luther' - has revealed she is usually left unimpressed by television shows which feature sex scenes because they often have no real point.

She explained to The Observer newspaper: "There's an awful lot of sex on the TV and it sometimes is not necessary. And what I've learned from reading lots of sex scenes is there's a tendency to rely on the female a bit more to provide that sort of stimulation. A good sex scene is really difficult to do and we've seen them all done, so many times, good and bad. So I feel like there has to be justification for why a sex scene exists - just as every scene should exist for a reason.

"I'd fight any scene that doesn't feel justified."

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