Edinburgh to get major new city centre live music venue

Gig, the venue on Edinburgh’s Lothian Road, is be refurbished and reopened as a major live music space. It was announced that MAMA Group have purchased the freehold on the space from Luminar Limited who had run the space as Gig during 2006. It has been closed since January 2007.

The intention is to have a 1500 capacity space to draw touring bands to the city who have few options once they outgrow places like the Liquid Room and Queen’s Hall but who might not be able to fill the 2500 capacity Corn Exchange. MAMA Group are one of the biggest single music promoters in the UK and own venues in London like the Hammersmith Apollo, the Forum, the Jazz Cafe plus the network of Barfly venues across the country.

Among those who have come out in support of the venture are promoters Regular Music. Mark Mackie of Regular said: ‘Edinburgh, the Festival City, could be accused of resting on its laurels over the years and the refurbishment and re-opening of this great performance space in the shadow of the castle couldn't be more central and will help Edinburgh to rock well into the future.’

The building has a long and fruitful history of housing live music events. It opened in 1923 as the Caley Palais cinema but was converted to become a live music venue in the early 70s with the likes of Pink Floyd, Queen, AC/DC, New Order and Orange Juice gracing the stage over the years. Live music gave way to clubbing in the 80s however as it became Century 2000 and latterly Revolution.

No date has been set for the official opening of the venue though, because of the expected major refurbishment, it is thought it will be late 2008.

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