Gregg Wallace loves fish finger sandwiches

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 March 2015
Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace admits he loves cheap food such as fish finger sandwiches and McDonald's Big Macs just as much as the meals he eats as a food critic

Gregg Wallace loves fish-finger sandwiches.

The 'MasterChef' judge has eaten some of the finest food in the world but admits he's still a fan of budget takeaway meals such as McDonald's Big Mac burgers and fish finger sandwiches.

He told BANG Showbiz: "What's wrong with a Big Mac? Of course it's delicious otherwise there wouldn't be hundreds of thousands of McDonald's all over the world. Of course it's delicious. It's people who don't know their food and say, 'Oh I wouldn't expect to see you in there'.

"It's nonsense snobbery. A fish finger sandwich is a completely delicious thing. Everyone knows it. You can enjoy a roast quail and still enjoy a Big Mac and fish finger sandwich. You can really enjoy a £150 bottle of wine, and still like lager. I've never really understood."

The 50-year-old star went on to confess he can't understand why people have a problem with him eating at high-street restaurant chains such as Harvester.

He shared: "I go to Harvester as well and I put this stuff on Twitter and get howls of complaints from middle class foodies. 'Oh, I didn't expect to see you there'. Actually, Harvester has got a salad bar and grilled chicken so what would their problem be. The only thing is that I'm having lunch with poor people. That's what bothers them."

Gregg - who is a self-confessed lover of puddings - also admitted he likes cheap desserts such as Angel Delight.

He added: "Butterscotch Angel Delight is my absolute favourite. Out of the packet, add milk, stir it. I absolutely love it. Three or four times a year. It's a real treat for me."

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