Meghan Trainor's love rules

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  • 8 March 2015
Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor would never date a friend's ex-boyfriend without getting their permission first, and if they refused she would ask the guy to "move on"

Meghan Trainor would never date a friend's ex-boyfriend without their permission.

The 'All About That Bass' hitmaker claims that if she ever found herself attracted to one of her pal's former flames, she would definitely ask them if they were ok with dating him before making her move.

Quizzed on whether she'd flirt with her best pal's ex, she said: "First of all, I would ask her if she was OK with it, and if she wasn't OK with it then I'd say move along!"

The 21-year-old star admits she's too shy when it comes to approaching men and would rather wait around for them to ask her out.

Explaining that she thinks it's fine for a girl to ask a boy out if they're too shy, she told Top of the Pops magazine: "But when this actually happened to me, I was so shy, I waited until he said something."

Meghan also claimed that if she was really nervous on a first date she would attempt to "break the ice" by confessing she had butterflies in her stomach.

Asked if she's good at faking confidence, she added: "I would just be totally honest and say, 'I'm nervous and I don't know what to say!' And hope that breaks the ice!"

Meghan Trainor

Trainor, best know for 'All About That Bass' number one single, takes off on tour, touting her 50s, doo-wop inspired sounds across the country.


1. Chloe Dalgarno9 Mar 2015, 9:24am Report

don't be nervous meghan just pretend to be hanging around with a boy.

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