Dermot O'Leary escapes Kenya car accident

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  • 8 March 2015
Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary narrowly escaped death while filming a segment for Comic Relief in Kenya, when a car veered off the road and crashed just metres from where he was sleeping rough

Dermot O'Leary narrowly avoided being killed by a car.

The 'X Factor' host was filming a segment for Comic Relief which saw him sleeping rough with three homeless men in Kisumu, Kenya, when a car veered off the road and crashed just metres away from where he lay.

A member of support staff on the trip tweeted the news, saying: "A car has crashed into a ditch feet away from the boys. Everyone is fine, but a lucky escape. Shaken up by the near miss the boys are chatting with @radioleary."

The 41-year-old presenter was sleeping on the streets with youngsters Fred, Maurice, and Hannington, to experience the dangers young people face in the country when they have nowhere else to stay, but did not expect the terrifying incident which was described as a "lucky escape".

The staff member continued: "It's an incredibly vulnerable place to sleep which is why they stick together.

"The cars, motorbikes and rickshaws are so close the noise is something to behold."

Despite the close-call, no-one was injured in the road traffic accident and the "shaken" star continued to sleep on the roadside for the remainder of the night.

They added: "Despite noisy stragglers from a bar milling past Dermot and the little men are finally settling."

The scenes will air as part of the Red Nose Day telethon on BBC One on March 13.

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