Aidan Turner knocked himself out filming Poldark

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  • 7 March 2015
Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner knocked himself out while filming BBC One drama 'Poldark' after hitting his head on a door frame during an excited skipping session

Aidan Turner knocked himself out filming 'Poldark'.

The 31-year-old actor plays protagonist Captain Ross Poldark in BBC One's adaptation of the Winston Graham novels, and revealed he had an unfortunate incident on the set of the drama after getting excited between recordings.

He confessed: "I was skipping over to the playback monitor - I must have been so delighted with my take - and was getting quite a lot of height.

"Then I smacked my head into the door frame and knocked myself out for five seconds."

Luckily for the 'The Hobbit' star, no-one else noticed the embarrassing incident so he didn't feel too silly.

He continued: "I came to - and nobody had noticed. I sauntered over to the monitor and said: 'Yeah, that looks fine.' God almighty, it was awful."

And while he may have sustained an injury from merrily skipping around, he insisted the more dangerous parts of filming were no challenge for him, explaining although he had never ridden a horse before the show, but was fine because he pretended he knew what he was doing.

He told The Sun newspaper's TV magazine: "If you pretend you're a good rider you can wing it."

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