Colin Farrell's wild wish

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  • 7 March 2008

Colin Farrell's wild wish

Colin Farrell would love to get "f***ed up" on drugs.

The Irish actor - who is currently recovering from drug and alcohol addictions - admits he longs to experiment with prescription drug OxyContin and have a wild weekend.

He told Britain's GQ magazine: "I'd f***ing love to be able to drink. I would love to have a couple of nights of f***ing howling at the moon. And not just have a drink, I'd love to get f***ed up. I'd love to be able to pop some f***ing OxyContin or some Percocet and know that it's not going to become a f***ing habit."

OxyContin is used by doctors to relieve severe pain in patients.

The drug, nicknamed 'hillbilly heroin' - which can also cause euphoria and mental relaxation - is often abused due to its similarities to class A drug heroin.

Percocet shares many of the same ingredients as OxyContin, but is believed to have less potential for abuse as it also contains paracetamol.

Farrell checked into the Crossroads Centre, a rehab clinic set up by Eric Clapton in Antigua, after filming 'Miami Vice' in 2005.

He claims not to have consumed drugs or alcohol since leaving the facility.

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