'Resilient' Patrick Swayze

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  • 7 March 2008

'Resilient' Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze "will be resilient" in his battle against pancreatic cancer, says his former co-star Lea Thompson.

The actress - who starred alongside Patrick in the 1984 action film 'Red Dawn' - thinks the 55-year-old will beat the disease despite it having a survival rate of less than five per cent.

She said: "I've known Patrick for so long. He's a really great guy and I love him so much. He was such a great dancer too. He will definitely be resilient - us dancers are tough!"

Patrick's fellow Hollywood actors also voiced their sympathies for the star.

'Ugly Betty' star Vanessa Williams said: "I lost my dad to acute pancreaticitis. The pancreas is a delicate organ that gives you no real warning. It's really unfortunate so my heart goes out to him."

'Mary Poppins' actor Dick Van Dyke said: "It's so unfortunate. It's unfortunately quite a short span of time - in one way that's a blessing and in another way it isn't. But my ex-wife died of pancreatic cancer so I feel a little bit bad about that - it's hard to treat, very hard."

However, 'Star Trek' legend William Shatner was more optimistic, adding: "My deepest sympathies go out to him, of course. He'll be fine - they'll get it."

Meanwhile, Patrick's fans have also shown their support for the 'Dirty Dancing' star.

Margaret Howden, who runs the Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club, said she had been inundated with get well messages for the actor.

She said: "We were all very distressed when we heard the news. But we want to thank everyone who has sent fantastic messages of support to Patrick through the fan club and for all the lovely messages on our guestbook. Get well soon Patrick!"

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