Mary Berry not ready to retire

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  • 4 March 2015
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

Mary Berry insists she isn't contemplating retirement as she approaches her 80th birthday and intends to carry on working for the forseeable future

Mary Berry "can't bear the thought of retirement".

The 'Great British Bake Off' judge will turn 80 later this month but has no plans to slow down by reducing her role on the show or stop writing new cookery books because she feels healthy and loves working.

She admitted: "I'm not really thinking about turning 80 - nothing is different. I can't bear the thought of retirement and I haven't prepared myself for it. I don't play bridge and I don't play golf. I do play tennis, but you can't do that every day of the week. Besides, why should I retire when I love every moment?"

Instead, the celebrity chef - who recently released her new book 'Mary Berry Absolute Favourites' - says she plans to carry on with the popular BBC One baking show for the foreseeable future, and attributes her well-being to a healthy diet, despite the amount of cakes she and Paul Hollywood have to eat on 'Bake Off'.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I've been large in my time and I know exactly what puts on weight - it's eating between meals.

"I didn't like being large and having tight trousers so I lost two stone.

"I don't want to be fat so if I'm judging 'Bake Off', I taste everything and have a salad for lunch."

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