Jamie Laing doesn't want Spencer to wed

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  • 4 March 2015
Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing doesn't want his friend Spencer Matthews to get married to his girlfriend Lauren Hutton because he wants his pal to spend more time with him

Jamie Laing will be "really angry" if Spencer Matthews gets married.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star admits he is a very "selfish" person who hates it when his friends - including Spencer, who is smitten with Lauren Hutton - get into relationships and have less time to spend with him.

He said: "I'll be really angry if Spencer proposes. He's too young. He's got too much to do. I feel like you should live your life before you get married.

"I'm actually really selfish - I hate it when my friends get boyfriends or girlfriends. I hate being left alone and having no one to hang out with more than anything."

Though Jamie approves of Spencer's relationship with Lauren, he insists she is nothing like the type of girl he is attracted to himself.

Jamie told Now magazine: "She's sweet. She's great. She likes to get her hair done every day - and I mean every day!

"Now, I love a girl who, if you jump in the mud, she'll jump in with you. I can't handle it when they're so... But she's sweet and he loves her.

And the Candy Kittens founder does think Lauren is a positive influence on his pal.

He said: "He's been sober for a total of five weeks and he's aiming for six months. I think she's a big part of it, because if you have a girlfriend you have no need for temptation."

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