Love 2.0 (3 stars)

Love 2.0

Lucy Goldie / credit: Emily Rowan

Andy McGregor observes youthful insecurity in the age of social media with sharp humour

Suzie likes Gary. Gary likes Suzie. Or at least they think they do. Their Facebook profiles are top notch: he’s into poetry and going out with his mates, she’s into Simply Red and bad television programmes. Perhaps not a match made in heaven, but they can make it work. A ‘LOL’ here and a ‘Poke’ there and the date is set.

It seems, however, that Gary is nothing like his online persona. Social media turns into a battlefield of obsession and lust, as any potential romance crumbles and the world watches with glee as the nightmare unfolds.

Youthful and fizzing with hormones, this energetic two-hander from Sleeping Warrior theatre company benefits from some excellent writing by Andy McGregor. The desperation of the characters is both tragic and hilarious, wonderfully performed by Samuel Keefe and Lucy Goldie, with even sudden shocking moments add to the play's dynamism.

Love 2.0 does have something more serious to say about how we use social media and the ease in which it can corrupt, but this is second place to a lively, laughter-filled performance.

Love 2.0

Sad sack Gary devotes his life to social media. When he hooks up with naive Suzie he realises that digital love is very different from the real thing.

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