Pam St. Clement owns none of Pat's earrings

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  • 3 March 2015
Pam St. Clement

Pam St. Clement

Pam St. Clement doesn't own any of her 'EastEnders' character Pat Butcher's trademark earrings because she gave all the pairs she had away to charity

Pam St. Clement gave all of her 'EastEnders' character Pat Butcher's trademark earrings to charity.

The 72-year-old actress is famous for playing the Walford stalwart in the BBC One soap and although she was gifted several pairs of earrings when left the show in 2012 Pam didn't keep any of them because she wanted to use the oversized jewellery to raise money for good causes.

Speaking about Pat's earrings, she explained: "They are the property of the BBC costume department, so they had most of them and they need them for archive as well. But they said to me when I went, 'Would you like to take some for charities?' So they gave me about half a dozen pairs which were snapped up fairly rapidly I have to say. And I have none left."

Pam - who recently released her autobiography 'The End of an Earring' - acted in the soap for 25-and-a-half years before bowing out, and believes it will be her defining role because of the amount of time she spent playing the character.

Speaking on TV show 'Lorraine', she said: "It was over a quarter of a century of my life so it's got to be an important part of my life and I suppose it's in people's minds because they see you so frequently as that character."

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