Books for Christmas

  • The List
  • 21 November 2006

Glasgow Almanac Stephen Terry Compiled from a decade’s worth of short vignettes that appeared in the Evening Times, this compilation of city life covers subjects from medicine to architecture, to entertainment and war, and more. Arranged thematically, with cross-references, it’s a social history treasure trove. Neil Wilson Publishing.

The Edinburgh New Town Gardens Connie Byron Chronicling the history of those serene green spaces that make living in the New Town so inviting. Usually under residents’ lock and key, Byron opens the garden gates and shows their changing appearance, and how their very existence has been challenged down the years. Birlinn.

The Literary Traveller in Edinburgh Allan Foster Few writerly visitors and residents could resist passing comment: World City of Literature with a thriving international book festival, the Scottish capital can be traversed via authors as diverse as Robert Louis Stevenson, Muriel Spark, Irvine Welsh and JK Rowling.
Mainstream Publishing.

Murder Capital Reg McKay Investigative journalist, crime columnist and ex-social worker McKay exposes true stories from the violent underbelly of Glasgow, murder capital of Europe, where you’re twice as likely to meet that fate than in London. Gangland slayings, butchered babies, killer neighbours - pull the covers up tight. Black and White Publishing.

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