Martin Clunes: Men Behaving Badly return would be 'unsavoury'

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  • 2 March 2015
Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes

Martin Clunes believes a 'Men Behaving Badly' reunion would be "unsavoury" following Operation Yewtree because the characters are too old

Martin Clunes thinks a 'Men Behaving Badly' reunion would be "unsavoury" following Operation Yewtree.

The 'Doc Martin' star - who appeared in the sitcom as Gary Strang - believes it would be distasteful to revive his and Neil Morrissey's characters, following the police inquiry into sexual abuse allegations made against Jimmy Savile and others.

He said: "Men in their '50s being like that... post-Yewtree, it's a little bit unsavoury, isn't it?"

However, the 53-year-old actor admitted it was "really great" to reunite with his co-star for a special sketch of the show in aid of Channel 4's Stand Up to Cancer last year.

He told Digital Spy: "It was really funny sitting on a sofa with a can of Stella next to Neil... it was like no time had passed at all."

Meanwhile, Neil is keen on reviving the comedy show but has blamed Martin's schedule, insisting he is hard to pin down.

He said previously: "When people ask us if we'd do more, Martin always says it's down to scripts, but really it's pinning Martin down that's the problem.

"Of course we probably would bring it back if we thought it could work."

And Neil, 52, would have no trouble in reviving his character because Tony Smart is "engrained" in him.

He added: "It was like riding a bike. We did that series for so long and Martin and I were such good pals anyway, even before the show, so we fell into our old routine really easily, it was great.

"It wasn't difficult because we see each other regularly anyway and the characters are so engrained."

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