Chrononauts – Mark Millar and Sean Murphy (4 stars)


Time travelling action adventure from writer Millar and artist Murphy hooks you for issue #2

Scottish writer Mark Millar is famed for his edgy action comics, which are sharp, satirical and often packed with the old ultra-violence. Through his creator-owned Millarworld imprint, he's launched a plethora of new characters and realities. His work ethic is astounding; just over the last decade, he’s unleashed Kick Ass, Wanted, Jupiter's Legacy, Nemesis and The Secret Service (recently hitting the big screen as Kingsman: The Secret Service).

Millar has described his latest venture as 'Apollo 13 meets The Time Machine'. And that’s a pretty solid summation of this bright and breezy jaunt through history. The first instalment of this four issue run sets up our heroes as they whizz through the development of groundbreaking time travel technology. Doctor Quinn and Danny Reilly are cool, chiselled rock'n'roll researchers, The Rolling Stones of quantum physics willing to take immeasurable risks in the name of scientific advancement. Perhaps inevitably, as they don their sleek Chrono-Suits for the first ever manned trip into the past, something goes horribly wrong, leaving us on a killer cliffhanger and hooking you in for issue # 2.

Taking a break from Millar’s usually very adult orientated work, Chrononauts is a light, fun packed adventure with a healthy sense of humour. There's a definite whiff of Back to the Future and Doctor Who turning the complex concepts of time travel into an easily digestible action story. Sean Gordon Murphy's art has a wonderful sketchy quality that gives Millar’s writing real pace and energy. There's a dynamic sense of forward momentum, the art and script working in perfect synergy propelling the story forward. With at least two more series planned and all of history laid out before our heroes, Chrononauts could run and run.

The first issue of Chrononauts is available from Wed 18 Mar.