Sean Penn says most actors are 'punks'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 February 2015
Sean Penn

Sean Penn

Hollywood star Sean Penn thinks the majority of actors are "punks", saying they're too close to film studios

Sean Penn thinks the majority of actors are "punks".

The 54-year-old star has hit out at people who work in the film industry, accusing the majority of performers of diluting themselves for the benefit of studios.

He said: "I think many actors have disgraced their craft and are left to celebrity status in many cases. They're mostly the punks for what the studio wants to do."

The Academy Award-winning star said he's seen some noticeable changes in the film industry since he started his acting career.

He told Shortlist magazine: "I think acting today, by and large, is more associated with a fame-building game than anything to do with a gift. It's supposed to be a giving and not taking industry, and today it's more about the take."

Sean stars as a special forces officer in his new film 'The Gunman', and he insists that it's not unrealistic for a man of his age to play an action hero.

He reflected: "President Obama's biggest surprise when he met the Seals who went into Abbottabad to get [Osama] Bin Laden was that they were old.

"It's also a conversation about who's going to the movies these days. Maybe older people go the theatre more and will identify [with someone my age], while kids are looking at movies on their laptops."

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