Dylan Moran prepares for an Off the Hook tour

Dylan Moran prepares for an Off The Hook tour

The Edinburgh-based Irish comic gets down and dirty with technology

When it comes to the modern world, Dylan Moran is less curmudgeonly than Bernard Black, his most lauded fictional creation, but he remains on the sceptical side. ‘Technology is a thing we just have to deal with, but part of the problem it’s created is that we have to be more discriminating in what we choose to spend our time on and talk about. You can only really find out what you think of something when you step back from the noise; it’s endlessly funny to me when I think about how we’re dealing with it: there are more computers in houses than people now. That’s how we’re all living.’

There might be an almost audible sigh when he says those words, but at least the Edinburgh-based Irish comedian and actor can get it off his chest in his own very public way. So, when he kick-starts his Off The Hook tour, our reliance on gadgets and screens will be uppermost in his thoughts. ‘After we said goodbye to religion, we all embraced technology because, I think, a great many people actually want to be observed, and also want to believe in a higher power. There’s a great, inherent human trait to make and fabricate something bigger than yourself. Children have monsters in their wardrobes or under their bed, but we have our own paranoia of state power and we like the fact that we can give it a name such as NSA or GCHQ.’

Dylan Moran might not be the first stand-up you think of when a political comedian is being sought, but in a general election year, it would be folly not to tackle it. ‘It’s like someone handing you a bunch of kindling,’ Moran admits. ‘The cartoony comments you might make about the figures of the day is grist to the mill, but it’s not necessarily the real point of interest for me. I’m fascinated more in the wave motion of where it’s all going; it’s all very freaky now and I’ve not lived through a time quite like this. With so many more political parties involved, it seems to be a more realistic reflection of who we are as people and as a society.’

Wed 4 Mar, Caird Hall, Dundee, then on tour.

Dylan Moran: Off the Hook

Moran plays up to the stereotype of the bumbling, drunken Irishman, but his comedy is much more intelligent than mere cliché-mongering: on stage he is uniquely charismatic, a foul-mouthed mixture of lovable and misanthropic, and always very, very funny. Moran'll be on your radar in a very big way if you know your comedy.

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