Christian Jessen up for magic TV show

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 February 2015
Dr. Christian Jessen

Dr. Christian Jessen

Dr. Christian Jessen wants to make a new 'Drugs Live' show about the effects of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms

Dr. Christian Jessen would like to make a show about magic mushrooms.

The 37-year-old physician - who has already co-presented Channel 4 show, 'Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial', about the side effects of the recreational drug MDMA alongside newsreader Jon Snow - hopes to make a programme about the effects of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, but admits his ambitions are somewhat restricted by UK drugs laws.

He told BANG Showbiz: "We're slightly limited by the Home Office to do these experiments. Obviously, they're illegal, so we need to get these complicated licenses. What would I like to do next? Mushrooms or something."

And Dr. Christian, who is currently planning a show about the impact of cannabis, confessed his experience of working in the field of medicine meant he already had firm views on the contentious issue before making 'Drugs Live'.

He shared: "Slightly naughtily, I had kind of already made up my mind on drugs before the shows, because as part of my medicine, I was working with addiction a lot.

"It was always really clear to me that we weren't getting our drugs laws right, and although I was supposed to be impartial, you kind of can't be if you've studied it a lot. So, it's a affirmed what I thought, rather than changed my mind."

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