Kate Ford 'confident' stripping off on Corrie

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  • 24 February 2015
Kate Ford

Kate Ford

Kate Ford has confessed she felts "confident" while wearing a skimpy lingerie the set of 'Coronation Street' while her character Tracy Barlow tries to seduce Tony Stewart, played by

Kate Ford feels "confident" stripping off in 'Coronation Street'.

The 37-year-old actress - whose character Tracy Barlow was seen seducing Tony Stewart, played by Terence Maynard, in a skimpy underwear set and suspenders on last night's episode of the ITV soap (23.02.15) - admitted she isn't "bothered" by taking her clothes off in front of the camera and doesn't feel self conscious about it.

Kate - who trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London - said: "I know it sounds really weird, but I'm confident doing those sorts of scenes.

"I'm not really that bothered -- once you've had a baby you're not really worried about anything like that.

"It was the sort of drama school where you had to take your clothes off. It wasn't great, but it kind of ripped me of all those inhibitions.

"It stopped me being so self-conscious. It doesn't matter -- you're playing a character.

"It's interesting, because I'd feel nervous on a beach in a bikini, but I wasn't nervous in underwear as Tracy Barlow. Because it's not me."

Kate - who has a six-year-old son with ex-husband Jon Connerty - feels so comfortable stripping off in front of her co-stars, she even flashed her bottom at cast mate Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, while getting ready for scenes.

She said: "The thing is we're like family, so it doesn't matter. The guy in costume was a bit shocked that I flashed my bum, but I think he also quite appreciated it!"

The brunette beauty admits, however, that she tried to watch what she ate over the Christmas period as she knew she would have to don the skimpy outfits shortly afterwards.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I put on seven pounds over Christmas!

"I knew I had to wear this outfit and I remember thinking, 'I've got to be really good over Christmas'. But when you know you've got to be good, you're not. If nobody had told me about it I'd have probably been quite sensible."

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