Dean Gaffney 'saved' by Marmite

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 February 2015
Dean Gaffney

Dean Gaffney

Dean Gaffney has told of how he was saved by Marmite from a deserted magician show in a north London working men's club as part of Marmite's End Neglect campaign

Dean Gaffney was saved by Marmite.

The former 'EastEnders' actor appears in a new video, which sees the soap star saved from a deserted magician show in a north London working men's club, as part of Marmite's End Neglect campaign.

He said: "I can't believe just two weeks ago I was a 'lost' member of the working men's club circuit and now look at me! I genuinely owe Marmite everything for saving me.

"It's with the greatest of pleasure that I'm going to be encouraging the nation to save Marmite too. Together, we will rise up against the spectre of Marmageddon."

Marmite has been working hard to end the neglect of its jars and has used their search and rescue squad to also find those celebrities who were once loved but have since been forgotten.

The video - which sees the 37-year-old actor return to a life of luxury after being saved by the Marmite Neglect Squad - will now spend his days as the new celebrity face of the Marmite 'End Neglect' campaign by spreading the word and raising awareness about Marmite cruelty.

A spokesperson from the Marmite Neglect Squad said: "When we found Dean, he was in a fragile and vulnerable state. We intervened just in time.

"If you know of any celebrity that is neglected, alert the squad as soon as possible. Together we can fight this - let's 'End Neglect' right now."

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