Nicola Wheeler refused to quit miscarriage storyline

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  • 23 February 2015
Nicola Wheeler

Nicola Wheeler

Nicola Wheeler has revealed she refused to quit the 'Emmerdale' storyline in which her character Nicola King had a miscarriage despite being pregnant herself

'Emmerdale' actress Nicola Wheeler refused to quit a storyline in which her character had a miscarriage despite being pregnant herself.

The 40-year-old actress, who plays Nicola King in the ITV soap, is expecting her first child with partner Matt and has confessed she was offered the chance to quit the emotional storyline but decided to go ahead with it.

She shared: "'Emmerdale' would have changed the storyline if I wasn't OK with it, which was really nice. But you have a responsibility.

"Being pregnant is my private life but I'm hired as an actor to perform what they give me.

"And I do think it's an important part of pregnancy to show because it is devastating.

"I've had friends who have had miscarriages and it's a really tough time to go through."

Nicola - who announced last week that she is nearly nine months pregnant - went on to explain that her character is to experience even more heartbreak.

She told The Sun newspaper: "On top of that, when Nicola is trying for another baby she gets the worst news - her body is going through early menopause."

The blonde beauty admits that while she made the choice to go ahead with the storyline, she is concerned it could affect her unborn baby.

She explained: "There's an element of you that thinks, 'If I'm doing a not-so-happy storyline, is that affecting my body or my baby?'

Nicola added: "I think it was difficult for the actors in the scenes with me because I am there talking about losing a child, yet they can obviously see I am every much pregnant."

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