Charlie Sims won't propose until he's lived with Ferne McCann

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  • 23 February 2015
Ferne McCann and Charlie Sims

Charlie Sims and Ferne McCann

Charlie Sims has revealed he won't propose to his longterm girlfriend Ferne McCann until they've moved out of their parents' homes and lived with each other for a while

Charlie Sims won't propose to Ferne McCann until they've moved in together.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star has revealed he won't pop the question to his co-star and girlfriend of five years until they have their own home and have lived together for a while.

He said: "We're nearly five years into our relationship. People are like, 'You need to put a ring on it!' But we need to share a home first. I'm not into getting engaged before we live with each other, it's not realistic. But getting a mortgage is so expensive and we need to save up."

The 24-year-old deli owner went on to admit he'd like to move out of his parents house soon as both he and Ferne are getting older now.

He continued: "I want to move out, get engaged and get married. It's all in my head. And Ferne is 25 this year - she's getting older! I'm the toy boy."

Charlie also opened up about his upcoming return to TOWIE, having taken a break from the show last year.

He explained: "I'm always anxious before we start filming. I haven't had the best of times in the past, but now it's going to be different. I had time out to get myself back together. I'm feeling strong in who I am, I know who I'm with and I know who my friends are."

Speaking about his decision to take a step back from the ITVBe show, he added to Star magazine: "I was having problems with my relationship and my personal life, so I needed time away. Taking a step back took a lot of pressure off me and Ferne. This is probably the strongest we've ever been."

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