David Beckham wants to trek jungle with Bear Grylls

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 February 2015
Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls has revealed David Beckham has spoken to him about the possibility of them going adventuring together

David Beckham wants to go adventuring with Bear Grylls.

The retired soccer star enjoyed his trip to the Amazon for documentary 'Into the Unknown' and is keen to do more risky survival missions.

Bear said: "I spoke to David a few months ago about a jungle adventure he did in Brazil and he feels like he's dipped his toes in the water of adventure and wants to do more.

"He's physical, willing to learn and wants challenges in his life, so he'd be great."

As well as David, One Direction hunk Harry Styles is also keen to get involved with one of Bear's tough expeditions.

Bear added: "Harry Styles is interested in doing an adventure. Enthusiasm is a key element of a survivor and he's got that. He's also willing to work hard and he's good fun."

Having travelled with many stars over the years, Bear would be most confident that Channing Tatum could help save his life.

He told heat magazine: "I think Channing Tatum was a great person to take out. He was strong physically and mentally, he laughed at himself and he had a great attitude and physicality. I got him to backflip out of a plane and he just got on with it. I would trust him a lot."

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