Anna Kendrick's 'terrifying' audition

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 February 2015
Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick has admitted she found it "terrifying" auditioning for 'The Last Five Years' because she had to perform for acclaimed Broadway songwriter Jason Robert Brown

Anna Kendrick found it "terrifying" auditioning for 'The Last Five Years'.

The actress was required to audition twice for the film, once as an actress and once as a singer in a bid to secure the role of Cathy Hiatt - but was petrified for the latter as she had to perform in front of acclaimed Broadway songwriter, Jason Robert Brown, who penned the show .

She explained: "I figured at some point they would want to make sure that I could sing it, so I had to go to Jason's house and sing two songs for him from the show. That was a completely terrifying experience."

As well as finding the process nerve-racking due to Jason's songwriting prowess, the 29-year-old star said she was even more anxious about her audition for the film - which is a deconstruction of a relationship over five years - because she couldn't tell what he thought of her after she sang.

She added: "He is a difficult man to read. So the most enthusiastic response that I got was that 'we are in good shape.'"

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