Neighbours spoofs EastEnders

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  • 19 February 2015
Neighbours mimic EastEnders

Neighbours mimic EastEnders' 30th Anniversary

The cast of Australian soap 'Neighbours' has spoofed 'EastEnders', as both shows celebrate their 30th anniversaries

The cast of 'Neighbours' have spoofed 'EastEnders'.

The Australian soap is also celebrating its 30th anniversary and has created a video parodying some of the BBC One show's legendary characters.

The clip begins with Susan Kennedy, played by Jackie Woodburne, intensely watching an episode of 'EastEnders'.

Her husband Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) appears to be completely bemused by the idea of a soap opera but when she reveals it has been running for three decades, he seems impressed.

Whilst going to fetch a drink, Susan slips up on some spilt milk and is transported to the world of 'East Erinsborough'.

There she meets a Mitchell brother, Kat Slater and the Queen Vic's former landlady Peggy Mitchell, all hilariously portrayed by her 'Neighbours' co-stars.

At the end of the video, Jackie and Alan send a personal message of congratulations to the cast of the British show.

They said: "From all the cast and crew here at 'Neighbours', we'd like to congratulate the team at 'EastEnders' for thirty wonderful years. Well done you!"

Meanwhile, 'Neighbours' producer Jason Herbison has teased a "huge year" ahead for the Australian soap.

He said previously: "It's going to be a huge year, kicking off with the 30th events. We've got a wedding, a funeral, a surprise pregnancy...

"We'll also be bringing in a new regular character who will have quite a big impact on the street. This character has a major connection to one of the sustainers."

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