Phillip Schofield eats dog food

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  • 18 February 2015
Phillip Schofield eating dog food

Phillip Schofield eating dog food on This Morning

Phillip Schofield ate dog food live on 'This Morning' and admitted he liked it

Phillip Schofield ate dog food live on 'This Morning' today (18.02.15).

The presenter and his co-host Christine Bleakley were interviewing a man whose job is to test mutt meals during the 'Guest Who' segment of the daytime TV show.

Explaining what his job entails the guest, also called Philip, explained: "It doesn't do you any harm, the way it's been cooked and processed it's safe to eat - but I'm not saying you should replace your diet with pet food! I purely do it as a quality check to make sure it is as it should be."

Later in the interview, a mixture of dry and wet dog food was brought out for him to demonstrate how he samples the food.

Schofield stepped up to the plate and told his guest he was up for trying both dishes.

After trying some of the wet food, which had just been removed from the tin, he said: "That's not bad."

However, Bleakley wasn't as brave and recoiled in disgust as her co-host chowed down on the doggy dinner, saying: "Phil, there's no need! I won't do it, I don't care what you say."

Schofield then moved on to the dry biscuits - which Bleakley also nibbled on - but his grimacing face revealed he didn't like the crunch of the tough canine cookies.

Speaking afterwards, he admitted: "I don't like those."

After finishing his pooch food, Schofield told viewers: "I might have a drink of something in the break!"

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