Ricky Rayment: Jess split was TOWIE 'low'

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  • 17 February 2015
Ricky Rayment

Ricky Rayment

Ricky Rayment has revealed his lowest moment when filming 'The Only Way Is Essex' was splitting from his ex-girlfriend Jess Wright on the ITVBe show

Ricky Rayment admits splitting from Jess Wright was a "massive low".

The 24-year-old star considers ending his relationship with the brunette beauty, 29, his worst moment to date since he joined the 'The Only Way Is Essex'.

Speaking about the highs and lows of last season, he said: "For me I don't think there were many highs..I came second in the strong man competition though! Other than that, obviously breaking up with Jessica was a massive low for me."

However, Ricky - who is now dating 'Geordie Shore' star Marnie Simpson - still seems to hold a flame for Jess, naming his all time favourite moment of starring on the ITV Be show as the moment she agreed to be his girlfriend.

He explained: "Although we are not together anymore, my favourite moment was probably when Jess said yes to being my girlfriend. It sounds funny me saying that now but at the time is was a good moment."

And despite appearing to be loved up with Marnie, Ricky has confessed he is hoping some new "smoking hot" ladies will join the cast.

When asked what he'd like to see in new series, he said: "Smoking hot but down to earth girls please..that do squats and play FIFA."

He also credited Mario Falcone, who dated former cast member Lucy Mecklenburgh, as being his best friend on the series, but insists he is "a lot funnier" than his hunky co-star.

When asked to name his closest 'TOWIE' pal, Ricky said: "Mario because we've been together since series four. We've had ups and downs but we've come through it all. And we are very similar..although I'm a lot funnier!"

'The Only Way Is Essex' returns for its 14th series on February 22 at 10pm on ITV Be.

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