Madonna's 50 happiness

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  • 3 March 2008

Madonna's 50 happiness

Madonna isn't scared of turning 50.

The 'Holiday' singer - whose new album 'Hard Candy' is released worldwide in April - isn't worried about reaching the landmark age on August 16, because it is an excuse for a huge party.

She said: "Turning 50 is a landmark for everybody. Everybody keeps mentioning it, but I just see it as another excuse to have a birthday party!"

Madonna - who is famous for her love of yoga and other meditative practices - also said she feels stronger and healthier now than she ever has before.

She added: "I feel stronger now than, maybe, 20 years ago - but I think your physicality is connected to your consciousness so if your mind is strong, your body will be strong."

Meanwhile, Madonna and her director husband Guy Ritchie have bought a traditional pub near their London home.

The couple bought The Punchbowl in Mayfair from Greg Forman, the son of gangster Freddie Foreman, for $5 million.

A source close to the star said: "Madonna absolutely adores the pub. They pop in regularly to get away from it all. Madonna loves the beer and Guy meets all his pals down there.

"They have been desperate to own this place for a long time and have been making offers on it for ages. Now it has finally happened. It's only around the corner from their West End home. She will be the most glamorous landlady alive."

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