Nikki Sixx wants rocker baby

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  • 14 February 2015
Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx wants his baby to wear black diapers with skulls on - but his wife Courtney Bingham isn't impressed

Nikki Sixx will make his baby wear black diapers with skulls on.

The Motley Crue bassist and his wife, Courtney Bingham, are trying for their first child together and the 56-year-old rocker insists the couple's kid is going to follow in his style footsteps as soon as the little one is born.

He said: "I'm a hands-on dad. The baby will wear black diapers with skulls on them."

But 29-year-old Courtney insists that will not be the case because she is hoping the couple - who married last March - have a daughter because she only wants to have one child.

She said: "We're having a girl, so I don't think so.

"Since I'm only going to have one, I feel like I need to have a daughter."

But Courtney is fully expecting her husband - who has four children, Gunner, 24, Storm, 20 and Decker, 19, from his marriage to former Playboy model Brandi Brandt, and 14-year-old daughter Frankie from his marriage to former Playboy model Donna D'Errico - to be a great help when their child is born.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "He is such a hands-on dad. His three older children - Gunner, Storm and Decker - all grew up living with Nikki full-time.

"He took them to school every morning, helped them with homework, packed their lunches daily and continues to do that now with my 14-year-old step-daughter Frankie.

"For someone with such a demanding schedule it's always amazing to me how he manages to be there for his kids so strongly. He is the best father I have ever seen."

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