Katie Price: Katie Hopkins is 'disgusting human being'

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  • 13 February 2015
Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price believes her 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate Katie Hopkins is a "disgusting human being" and would be "ashamed" if she were her daughter

Katie Price thinks Katie Hopkins is a "disgusting human being".

The 36-year-old star - who starred alongside the outspoken journalist on 'Celebrity Big Brother' - said she would be "ashamed" if Katie was her daughter.

When asked how things were between them since they left the house, she said: "What I will say about her is that she's a disgusting human being. She really is. I went in the house wanting to like her because I thought I might be able to have banter with her because I thought she looked like she could be quite funny. But I did a full circle with her...

"I am confused as to who she is. She has got this soft side, but a lot of it is the nasty side... If I was her mum and dad I'd be ashamed of her because I think her attitude is disgusting. She's got no respect for anyone."

Meanwhile, the former glamour model - who eventually went on to win the Channel 5 show - also revealed it was the 40-year-old former 'The Apprentice' contestant who started most of the arguments during the show.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, she added: "Katie would always start the arguments and I'm sure he was entertaining to watch, but those two [Katie and Perez Hilton] argued all the time and it just got boring in the end because it was the same old thing."

Katie Price

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