Kevin Smith's Cruise candidate

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  • 3 March 2008

Kevin Smith's Cruise candidate

Kevin Smith claims Tom Cruise could run for US President.

The 'Dogma' director insists Tom would have a great chance of winning an election because of his charm and charisma, but thinks his recent strange antics have damaged his reputation.

Speaking about Tom, who famously jumped up on Oprah Winfrey's couch when he was interviewed about his future wife Katie Holmes, Kevin told Britain's FHM magazine: "He's been on the chopping block for the last two years, and it was Ben Affleck before him. That's what happens, you go from being the golden boy to a low point when the public decide to move on. But if it wasn't for that couch-jumping s**t, Tom Cruise could have run for President. Because when he's talking to you, he's never looking over your shoulder to see if anyone more important is in the room."

Meanwhile, Kevin believes producer Harvey Weinstein has a bad reputation because he stands by his strong opinions.

He said: "He has a bad reputation because he stands by his convictions, even if he's wrong. You know the expression, 'That's not a hill I want to die on'? Harvey will die on every hill. He digs in, he's aggressive. He went to the Sundance Film Festival and got into a fight."

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