Kodaline's eight-week album

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  • 12 February 2015


Irish rock band Kodaline recorded their latest album, 'Coming Up For Air', in eight weeks

Kodaline recorded their album in eight weeks.

The rock band - who hail from Dublin, Ireland - had a hectic touring schedule, which meant they had to work extra hard on their second album, 'Coming Up For Air'.

Lead singer Steve Garrigan said: "[We're] very very pleased with it. If you had asked us like a couple of months ago, saying, 'Are you going to release an album in 2015?' then we would have probably just laughed it off.

"But we wrote and recorded it very quickly. It just ran very smoothly. We kind of went into the studio and just over eight weeks of recording. And about three months in total, it was done."

The 'All I Want' hitmakers - which also includes Vincent May, Jason Boland and Mark Prendergrast - also explained how they spent a lot of their time writing on the road but ended up scrapping a lot of that material in favour of the new tracks they wrote together in the studio.

Drummer Vincent shared: "We never stopped writing when we were on the road so a lot of the writing was done in dressing rooms, hotel rooms and stuff like that.

"So we had a lot of ideas going into the studio and just from travelling and playing gigs for the past two years, we're better musicians and we're able to record quicker.

"When we got to the studio, we worked really well together as a band and some of the songs were just written in the studio with the four of us jamming.

Steve added to Music-News.com: "We went in with a lot of ideas and ended up scrapping most of the ideas and writing new stuff."


Epic indie from this young Dublin four-piece.

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