Simon Cowell 'so bored' of Ed Sheeran wannabes

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  • 11 February 2015
Simon at BGT auditions

Simon Cowell at the 'Britain's Got Talent' auditions

Simon Cowell has confessed he's bored of wannabe popstars imitating Ed Sheeran on his talent shows and has considered putting a guitar ban on contestants

Simon Cowell is "so bored" of people thinking they're the next Ed Sheeran.

The music mogul is getting annoyed with wannabe popstars coming on his talent shows and assuming they're going to get the same reception as the 'Thinking Out Loud' hitmaker just because they can play the guitar.

Speaking at the London auditions of 'Britain's Got Talent' at the Dominion Theatre, he said: "I'm so bored of everyone thinking they can be the next Ed Sheeran because we're not going to find him on this show. So we're actually almost a guitar free zone now."

The 55-year-old star even admitted he'd consider banning contestants from bringing guitars with them to auditions in order to avoid it.

Asked if he'd thought about enforcing a guitar ban, he continued: "Funnily enough I wouldn't mind so much, it's just these people who only ever play in their bedrooms and they think they've found this great version of a song no one else has heard but everyone's doing it. It's so annoying."

Meanwhile, Simon thinks the ITV show will stand the test of time by continuing to air even once he's passed away.

Quizzed on how much longer he thinks the talent show can keep going, he said: "About a thousand years. I think we will be having ... I mean, I'll be dead by then unfortunately, unless I can freeze myself and come back.

"Maybe I'll just be a head on the table because apparently when you freeze yourself you've got to cut everything else off. I can see that happening."

Ed Sheeran

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