Kirsty Gallacher 'obsessed' with washing

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  • 11 February 2015
Kirsty Gallacher getting gunged

Kirsty Gallacher getting gunged

Kirsty Gallacher cannot get enough of washing her clothes because she loves the smell that comes off her garments when she gets them out of her washing machine, but the raven-haired star insists she cannot stand ironing

Kirsty Gallacher is "obsessed" with washing.

The Sky Sports News presenter cannot get enough of ridding her and sons Oscar, eight, and five-year-old Jude's clothes of dirt because she loves the clean smell their garments give off when they come out of the washing machine, but the raven-haired beauty cannot stand ironing and hanging up clothes afterwards.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm obsessed by washing. I love washing, I've got a real thing about washing.

"I love the smell when it's clean - it's wonderful.

"What I really hate is folding things when they come out of the tumble dryer, that's my worst, that is like the job from absolute ... urgh. It's such a boring job and ironing isn't great either. I do love washing though."

The 39-year-old TV presenter has taken her love of washing to the next level by joining forces with Persil to raise money for Red Nose Day by getting gunged for the cause, and she is keen for others to follow suit.

Kirsty is hoping the activity will become a similar craze to the Ice Bucket Challenge and insists she much preferred getting a gunging with the bright blue liquid - which can easily be made with water, blue paint powder and corn flour - because it wasn't freezing cold.

She added: "It's a bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge so I'm wondering if it's going to become a new trend. It would drum up even more awareness for the charity so that would be good.

"Doing that was harder than being gunged - it was horrible! It was quite a warm day, it was summer and outside. It was just a horrible experience. I just dreaded that bucket going over my head.

"But the gunge wasn't so bad because it's not as cold. I thought it might hurt my eyes, I'm quite sensitive in my eyes, but it didn't. It was absolutely fine and it won't stain."

To celebrate Persil's limited edition bottle for Red Nose Day, Kirsty is encouraging families to make their faces funny with gunge. Each bottle donates to Comic Relief and tackles the toughest stains, even gunge!

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