Cirque Éloize brings a different kind of circus to town

Cirque Éloize brings a different kind of circus to town

Credit: 2012 Productions Neuvart / Valerie Remise

Acrobatics, visual effects and dance all feature in the troupe's unique production, Cirkopolis

When a circus troupe cites Fritz Lang and Franz Kafka amongst its influences, you know to expect something a little bit different. Based in Montreal, Cirque Éloize is known for its collaborations with theatre makers, choreographers, filmmakers and composers, and Cirkopolis is no different. With a dramatic video background inspired by Lang’s 1927 epic movie Metropolis, the show follows one man’s journey from drowning in the monotony of work to finding liberation with a merry bunch of circus artistes.

‘There are many themes in the show,’ says Ashley Carr, one of 12 performers of different artistic disciplines in Cirkopolis, ‘and everybody will see or take what they want from it. Some will just see the fantastic visual effects or listen to the beautiful music. Some will enjoy the fantastic acrobats and dance. And some people will come at it with a more analytical, intellectual approach and see it as a reflection on modern-day society – about somebody who wants to be free from their busy office hours. And then at the end, it’s the ultimate liberty – work hard, play hard and enjoy life.’

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Wed 1–Sat 4 Apr.

Cirque Eloize: Cirkopolis

Twelve acrobats and multidisciplinary artists present an uninterrupted stream of acrobatics, music, images and drawings accompanied by an original musical score and video projections.

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