The Typist tells an emotive tale with flamenco and theatre

The Typist tells an emotive tale with flamenco and theatre

The personal and political come together in this story about one of Spain's child refugees

New company Kam-Ri's flamenco production, The Typist, is a powerful testament to the human spirit. Focusing on Esperanza, one of Spain's child refugees Los Ninos de la Guerra of the Civil War, it reveals the scars she bears as an adult 20 years later. As creator Kerieva McCormick explains, ‘Emotional themes are universal. Everyone has a past that comes back to haunt them at some point, and in the case of Esperanza it becomes the driving force of her life.’

Collaborating with McCormick, who takes the title role, is comedian and writer Alexei Sayle, providing narration, and video designer Tim Reid. McCormick says of Sayle, ‘We were chatting at a comedy event in London, he asked for the synopsis and stayed truly supportive to the project ever since.’ Reid meanwhile has worked with Harrison before: ‘Tim is particularly good at layering visuals in a way that complements but doesn't overwhelm the action.’

With a fusion of flamenco dance – choreographed by Javier Latorre, a former soloist at the National Ballet of Spain – and storytelling under the direction of Grid Iron’s Ben Harrison, The Typist is a flamboyant, emotive and moving example of how the personal and the political are entwined.

The Arches, Glasgow Thu 12 - Sat 14 Feb; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Fri 27 - Sat 28 Feb.

The Typist

Flamenco theatre production with film and live music.

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