The Jesus & Mary Chain take their debut album on tour

The Jesus & Mary Chain take their debut album on tour

The Jesus & Mary Chain, seen here playing at The Barrowlands. Credit: Matthew McAndrew

The Reid brothers mark the 30th birthday of album Psychocandy with a full live outing

Back in the mid-80s, when Morrissey was looking for a job and then he found a job, the Jesus & Mary Chain were looking for a reaction and they got a reaction – to their name, their attitude and their sound. Smothering their sweet, simple, Sixties-girl-group-inspired tunes with a searing squall of feedback, the Reid brothers from East Kilbride created the classic noise/melody interface of their debut album Psychocandy.

The Mary Chain are now marking its 30th birthday with the full live outing (including feedback) it never received at the time, thanks to the group’s proclivity for playing short, chaotic, truculent sets with their backs to the audience. ‘We were pretty timid, whatever our reputation was,’ remembers frontman Jim Reid. ‘I couldn’t get onstage without getting tanked up. We’d never been in bands before, we didn’t really know what the rules were so we were testing things to see how far we could push it. People got that anything could happen.’

The edge and unpredictability of those early gigs has since been replaced by a lean, mean professionalism but the swagger of Psychocandy is forever young.

The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Thu 19 Feb, then on tour

The Jesus & Mary Chain

Psychedelic noise rock from the Scottish band formed by brothers Jim and William Reid.

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