Sally Ann Matthews ready for Coronation Street return

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 February 2015
Sally Ann and Michael in 'Coronation Street'

Sally Ann Matthews and Michael Le Vell in 'Coronation Street;

'Coronation Street' actress Sally Ann Matthews - who plays Jenny Bradley - is looking forward to her return following a 22-year break from the ITV soap

Sally Ann Matthews is confident about her return to 'Coronation Street' after overcoming bulimia.

The 44-year-old actress - who originally appeared on the ITV soap as Rita Fairclough's feisty foster daughter Jenny Bradley 22 years ago - endured an eight-month battle against the eating disorder during her first stint on the show following a biting remark from a TV critic.

Sally - who returns in scenes to air next week - explained: "When I was in Corrie first time around there was no real celebrity culture. No Twitter, Facebook.

"In those days, before social media, people were much more focused on the TV critics - who were sort of celebrities themselves."

Sally explained that her off-screen troubles started when a critic questioned the plausibility of a storyline in which Jenny got engaged to a French man.

She recalled the critic saying: "What would a handsome Frenchman boy like Patric see in a little pudding like Jenny Bradley?"

Sally explained how the remark triggered a downward spiral in her personal life.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "For me that was then eight months of active bulimia and then recovery.

"What was difficult was other people's expectations of what my life was like.

"As a teenager I was at school but working, so friends would tell me they were having a party but assume I was busy or wouldn't be interested.

"Also, everybody felt they knew you, and because you played a certain character that you were like that. That was hard."

Sally's return to the show sees her go on a date with car mechanic Kevin Webster, who's played by Michael Le Vell.

She said of Jenny's upcoming storylines:"I think she always probably fancied him back in the day.

"Whether she is using him to get back in, only time will tell. Whether the fling will develop who knows?"