Cat Deeley's LA help

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  • 1 March 2008

Cat Deeley's LA help

Cat Deeley says moving to Los Angeles helped her get over her relationship split.

The British TV presenter, who left the UK nearly two years ago to host 'So You Think You Can Dance', says relocating enabled her to cope with her break-up from PR executive Mark Whelan.

She said: "With everything I had going on - emotionally in terms of breaking up with someone, in terms of relocating, it is almost as if I didn't give it too much thought. In fact, I didn't really understand the enormity of it all until the day after the premiere of my first show."

Cat also revealed despite missing friends and family in the UK, she doesn't regret the move because it has improved her presenting skills.

She added to Arena magazine: "I never want to get comfortable, I always want to try new things. What I try to do is a job which is a very commercial, entertainment show, and then I might go and interview Kylie Minogue after she beat cancer.

"Then I might do something for children, and then I'll host the BRIT Awards. I don't want to be put in a box. It would kill me to do the same thing every year."

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