Kim Gordon not 'surprised' by Kurt Cobain suicide

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  • 9 February 2015
Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has revealed discovering Kurt Cobain had committed suicided didn't come "entirely" as a "surprise" to her

Kim Gordon "wasn't entirely surprised" by Kurt Cobain's suicide.

The Sonic Youth singer - who has previously questioned whether or not the Nirvana rocker killed himself - has revealed that while she was "shocked" when she first heard the news, a part of her had seen it coming.

She said: "I'll always remember the day [ex-husband and bandmate] Thurston [Moore] called to tell me Kurt had shot himself. Of course I was totally shocked, but I wasn't entirely surprised. There had been an incident in Rome, where Kurt had OD'd, but the details were never clear. I was shattered and felt as if I were moving in slow-motion inside some strange dream."

The 61-year-old star - who predicted Kurt's relationship with wife Courteney Love would be a "train wreck" - claims the Hole singer, with whom Kurt had daughter Frances Bean, profited from her husband's death.

Writing in her memoir 'Girl in a Band', as published by the Guardian newspaper, Kim said: "The night after Kurt's death, during a candlelit memorial service for the public, a recording of Courteney reading aloud Kurt's suicide note was played. As the vigil continued, Courteney appeared in person and started handing out some of Kurt's clothes to fans. It was as if she were stepping out into her destiny - a platform of celebrity and infamy.

"A week after Kurt died, Hole released their major-level debut, 'Live Through This', which elevated Courteney to a new kind of perverse stardom. The timing couldn't have been better."

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