Sara Cox's dog makes 'gem-encrusted poo'

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  • 6 February 2015
Sara and Beano

Sara Cox and Beano launching the Pedigree campaign

Sara Cox's dog makes "gem-encrusted poo" because he always eats her three childrens' sparkly arts and crafts materials

Sara Cox's dog has "sparkly poo".

The BBC Radio 2 DJ's beloved pup Beano has a habit of eating the art materials of her three children - 10-year-old Lola, six-year-old Isaac and Renee, four - resulting in the indigestible items decorating the pooch's faeces.

Explaining the strange waste, she exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "What Beano does is he eats some of the kids' arts and crafts. So when he does a poo when we're on the school run and I'm about to pick it up, it's like, 'Kids, gather round! Sparkly poo!' They have these little plastic diamonds and sapphires so it's like a gem-encrusted poo."

The one-year-old Maltese terrier also likes to get creative by snacking on other art supplies.

She explained: "He just goes up and helps himself. He loves colouring pencils so he'll go up and chew through one of them, that's the sort of thing he loves."

Despite the canine's penchant for arty products, the 40-year-old broadcaster insisted he is usually well-behaved and travels wherever she goes.

She added: "He comes everywhere with me. He's on the school run, he's allowed to the BBC - he's even got a BBC pass so he's allowed to come to Radio 2 which is nice - and he comes to voiceovers with me and hangs out. He's quite the little dog about town."

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