Jessica Raine's daily Wolf Hall massages

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  • 5 February 2015
Jessica Raine

Jessica Raine

Jessica Raine says shooting 'Wolf Hall' in a corset was very uncomfortable and she needed a massage at the end of every day's filming to ease her pain

Jessica Raine needed a massage every day after wearing a corset for 'Wolf Hall'.

The 32-year-old actress found filming the period drama "claustrophobic" because of the tight-fitting outfits but says her physical discomfort made playing Jane Rochford much easier.

She said: "Filming was claustrophobic. Not just with the lighting but you're also completely bound with corsets.

"Your bust is flattened and pushed up so you do have a bit of cleavage. But mine wasn't very good. The costume designers didn't cut corners, I had to go for a massage at the end of every day. These women were so trussed up and restricted and they had absolutely no power.

"It made it easy to play Jane as a pinched, bitter woman. Being a bitch for a change was liberating."

Jessica also admitted it was "difficult" to make herself more unattractive than her co-stars.

She told Stylist magazine: "I had to wear this beast of a wig with a severe centre parting.

"Jane was famously unattractive, she was ridiculed for it. But it was difficult - every actress in 'Wolf Hall'; is wearing barely any make-up, so to set myself apart I had to rely on my actual face being unattractive."

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