Till The Stars Turn Cold at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Till The Stars Turn Cold at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

credit: Herald Street London

International group show investigating the power and fragility of the human voice

Till the Stars Turn Cold is a partnership project with Sheffield’s S1 Artspace, which brings together six international artists who all explore the ever-present balance of power and fragility within the human voice. The title is taken from a scene in Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly’s classic 1952 Hollywood musical Singin’ in the Rain, where singer and actress Kathy Selden’s voice is dubbed over Lina Lamont as she sings: ’our love will last till the stars turn cold’.

This technological sewing together of voice and body from two separate performers provides a thematic starting point for this exhibition, featuring works by Tyler Coburn, Michael Dean, Kathryn Elkin, Josh Kline, Megan Rooney and Cally Spooner. Each artist in turn explores the ways the voice can relate to objects, bodies and situations, using footage of historically popular figures and celebrities taken from mass media.

Particular emphasis is placed on elements of disruption, breakage and failure, which the exhibition’s curators Kyla McDonald and Laura McLean-Ferris call ‘irksome moments’, such as tape skips, spelling mistakes, unfinished sentences or slurred speech. It reminds us of the all-too human qualities that exist within public figures, which can easily be concealed behind the power of technology.

Glasgow Sculpture Studios until Sat 14 Mar.

Till The Stars Turn Cold

Work by contemporary artists interested in objects and bodies that carry speech: Tyler Coburn (USA), Michael Dean (UK), Kathryn Elkin (UK), Josh Kline (USA), Megan Rooney (CA), and Cally Spooner (UK). A partnership project between S1 Artspace in Sheffield and Glasgow Sculpture Studios.