Heather Mills' limb collapse terror

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  • 4 February 2015
Heather Mills

Heather Mills

Heather Mills was saved from falling down 'The Jump' runway when her false leg collapsed by fellow contestant Jodie Kidd

Heather Mills was saved by Jodie Kidd when her false leg collapsed at the top of 'The Jump' runway,

The former model - who lost part of her left leg in an accident in 1993 - almost tumbled down the terrifying course on her face when her prosthetic gave out but avoided disaster after her fellow contestant pulled her back.

She said: "My leg broke completely at the top of the run. If Jodie hadn't had a hold of me, I'd have face-planted all the way down. The leg just collapsed."

Heather was able to borrow another prosthetic to do her jump but thinks the heavy limb ruined her chances in the competition after she recorded a distance of just 12 metres on Monday (02.02.15), meaning she was beaten by Lady Victoria Hervey, who leapt 12.5 metres.

She added: "I was jumping 14 to 15m consistently on the other leg. [The replacement] felt very heavy. I would have definitely been in if I had the other leg, but that's life."

Now she is out of the competition, Heather wants to help former JLS star J.B. Gill to victory.

She said: "I'd like Mike Tindall to have someone to compete against among the men. There's a big gap between the good skiers and the very average skiers.

"J.B.'s now doing very well, so I'll spend my time working on his technique to get him up there so that he's at the top level."

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