The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me introduces dance to young audiences

The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me

This simple story filled with music, dance and movement is perfect for pre-schoolers

With little or no language, dynamic ever-changing movement, and interesting music, dance is tailor-made for young audiences. Having already created Tiger Tale for older children last year, choreographer Natasha Gilmore has turned her attention to pre-schoolers with her latest work, The Pine Tree, Poggle and Me.

‘I realised while I was making the show just how appropriate dance is for this age group, because their vocabulary is limited,’ says Gilmore. ‘The text we deliver is rhythmical, and the physical language helps children read different emotional states they can identify with – like when Poggle is bored or tired and lies on the floor with her chin in her hands and bum in the air – as well as enjoying the energy of the movement itself.’

The simple storyline features a character too fearful to climb trees, until Poggle, a magical forest creature, offers him help and encouragement. With live music, a set that transforms throughout, and opportunities for little ones to toddle on stage and join in, the show is perfectly pitched for one to four-year-olds. Not least because Gilmore is in tune with her target audience. ‘I just based it on what I know about my own children,’ she says, ‘because they’re the right age. So the sense of humour in it is absolutely based on what my boys and their friends find funny.’

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh, Thu 5 Feb, then touring


Vince is too scared to climb trees, until magical forest creature Poggle arrives offering help and encouragement, in this dance theatre piece for ages 0–4.

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