Calum Best slams Perez Hilton's multiple personalities

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  • 3 February 2015
Calum Best

Calum Best

Calum Best slams Perez Hilton for having multiple personalities in tonight's (03.02.15) episode of 'Celebrity Big Brother', asking the gossip blogger to keep away from him for the remainder of the show

Calum Best slams Perez Hilton for having "72 different" personalities in tonight's (03.02.15) episode of 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 33-year-old star finally loses his cool with the gossip blogger - who threatened to sexually assault him during an argument on the weekend - after a heated discussion about Cami Li's eviction last night (02.02.15).

Responding to Perez's verdict on the eviction, Calum says: "What's your f**king problem?"

Perez replies saying, "I don't even like you, I'm just living with you", before accusing him of playing a game by staying on the sidelines throughout the past three weeks and not showing his true self.

Calum reacts, saying: "I am a genuine, honest, chilled out person ... No one likes you because you act like a d**khead!"

He adds that Perez has "72 different characters and plays up to the 'Perez Show' ... And that's why no one in this country likes you."

When Perez, 36, responds saying that Calum was "never" his "mate", the former model snaps, shouting: "Shut the f**k up you f**king power tripper. You're a piece of s**t and nobody likes you! Don't bother talking to me for the rest of the time, you ****!"

Michelle Visage - who has clashed with Perez on numerous occasions in the house - later congratulates Calum for standing up for himself, while Kavana agrees, claiming Perez has returned to his "manipulative" ways.

He says: "Meek and mild Perez has gone back to absolute f**king manipulative crazy lunatic and is riling up the gentlest, kindest most real people in the house."

'Celebrity Big Brother' airs tonight (03.02.15) at 9pm on Channel 5.

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